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Successful Cases

We had engaged different cases in the past.  Our efforts and concrete results were affirmed by our clients. Below are some successful cases carried out by us:-


Company Data System Security Incident

Disgruntle ex-employee of an Asian-based multi-strategy investment company hacked into the company server; intended to steal/destroy company data. Forensic analysis performed and confirmed that the evil was done by the suspect. All logs and timeline were well preserved as evidence; drafting of witnesses statement and expert witness reports for the managerial decision.


Employee Malpractice & Priacy Infrigement

A jealous employee of an International Social Service Centre unsatisfied with shift duty arrangement. Spyware (keystroke logger) was installed in a multi-users workstation for espionage. The employee was confirmed to have collected colleagues’ email login credentials and others personal privacy data. Police was called and the employee was arrested and subsequently convicted..​


Overturn High Court Judgement Through Reconstructed Video Clips and Photos

Through advanced mobile forensic skill, successfully reconstructed a large amount of photos, video clips, phone numbers and call logs that had never been exposed in the previous trial on a High Court Criminal Case. By these favorable findings, the defendant was finally acquitted.​


Testify in Singapore Supreme Court

Invited to testify in the Supreme Court of Singapore on a criminal case. Judgment ruled in favour of the testimony.


Unauthorized Access & Taking Data into Unfound USB Drive

By favorable findings, over 4800 files were established to have been transferred to a third party computer from a Network Attached Storage Server via Virtual Private Network and eventually stored into an unfound USB thumb drive. Court injunction was granted to prohibit the defendant from using those took away materials. (HCA 2767/2018)

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