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Professionalism is Our Mission

Our professionalism provides high quality and comprehensive services to our clients. 

We stay result originative and understand your needs and requirements.

Computer Forensic

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We own distinctive tools specialized for forensic examination and analysis, and no matter it is stand-alone workstations, laptops, servers and on different operation systems (Windows / Mac / Linux).  We can image the entire hard drive, partitions and or acquire any single file and maintain its integrity throughout the process. We also not just able to perform live acquisition, in most case, we can acquire data from Radom Access Memory (RAM) on a live machine for analysis.  


Applicable Area:-


email parsing, recover deleted partitions / files, retrieve stored passwords, visited links / downloads / uploads, connected devices history, activities logs & timeline analysis, etc.

Mobile Device Forensic


Our advanced mobile forensic hardware and software can help you to extract data as many as you had not think of. Since most of the Smartphone will synchronized against the users' email, calendars, contacts, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  All data on Smartphone can be used as corroborative evidence that can strengthen your case and free from repudiation.  Also, mobile device examination has the ability to rebut or proof of alibi claims through analysis of GPS information, WiFi usernames, hotsopt SSIDs, passwords and logs.


Mobile Forensic Applicable on:-

GMS Phone, Smartphone (Android/ IOS / Windows Mobile), iPhone, iPad, Palm & Tablet & China Phones, Burner Phones, etc.



e-Discovery means "Electronic Aspect of Identifying (ESI), collecting and producing electronically stored information (mostly on live machine or servers). Litigation compliance - The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and US regulations such as Federal Rule of Evidence 502 (FRE 502), all parties involved in the litigation shall adhere to the rules on preserving, collecting, disclosing and producing all relevant electronic stored information (ESI) and any violations can result in serious consequences like sanctions.


Our services can help you to handling data of attorney-client privilege, work product protection, review / exchange of electronic documents, etc.

Cyber Investigation & Surveillance


Online Forensic / Surveillance is the best solution for gathering, collecting and preserve online evidence on social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, In addition, it can crawl, capture and instantly search content from websites, YouTube and webmail like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & AOL, etc. 


Unlike archiving and image capture, we preserving critical metadata not possible through image capture, printouts, or raw data archival of RSS feeds. This metadata can establishing chain of custody and also provides key evidence relevant to the substantive case as well as providing individual item MD5 authentication.



## MD5 - message-digest algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function producing a 128-bit hash value, expressed in text format as a 32 digit hexadecimal number. MD5 is commonly used to verify data integrity and generally accepted by courts.

Physical Investigations


Computer forensic is just one of the ancillary tools for investigation. For the purpose to fulfill a comprehensive cycle of investigation, we do provide physical investigation services for clients.  No matter criminal investigation, civil litigations, intellectual property infringement, defamation, e-fraud, business intelligence and as well as extramarital matters. Our experienced consultants can help you to perform physical investigative support like surveillance, due diligence compliance, corruption & money laundering investigation, fund / asset tracing, employee mischief, etc. 


Our ex-law-enforcement background  investigative specialist and fraud investigators are competent to conduct professional interview and take statement from suspect.


We knows and strictly complies with the "Rule & Directives" on questioning suspect issued by Secretary for Security and meet the courts require standard.



The TSCM (Technical Service Counter Measures) inspection is a check to ensure that there is no possibility of conversations being overheard by others, normally in an office or meeting place. A TSCM sweeping is a service provided by qualified personnel to detect the presence of surveillance devices and hazards and to identify technical security weaknesses. It is also to ensure that there is nothing that could compromise the security and confidentiality of an area by the use of technical audio surveillance devices. As technology advances in the fields of multimedia devices and remote gadgetry, there is an increasing danger of compromise or loss of critical data, even in extremely secure environments. Security breaches occur stealthily, completely undetected.  Our professional team and advanced equipments can readily ease your concerns.

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