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Computer Forensic

Computer forensic is a profession integrated across technology and legal prescripts.  Through employing scientific methods to collect, preserve and analysis digital data.  The results is the combination of computer science and elements of law interpreted in such a way that render evidence to become admissible in Court.       


We strictly comply with and adapt to relevant laws and regulatory requirements throughout the entire investigation cycle; from collection, preservation to presentation of evidence.  All forensic findings are robust for challenge against its integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation. 

Mobile Device Forensic

Our advanced mobile forensic hardware and software can help you to extract data as many as you had not think of. Since most of the Smartphone will synchronized against the users' email, calendars, contacts, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  All data on Smartphone can be used as corroborative evidence that can strengthen your case and free from repudiation. 


Also, mobile device examination has the ability to rebut or proof of alibi claims through analysis of GPS information, WiFi usernames, hotspot SSIDs, passwords and logs.

Mobile Forensic Applicable on:-

GMS Phone, China Phones, Smartphone (Android / IOS / Windows Mobile), iPad, Palm, Tablet, Drone & IoT Device, etc.           

Online Computer Forensic

There are abundant information available on internet, including that you can see and you can get.  But they may not be able to become admissible evidence, since you cannot ascertain their authenticity and integrity.  Not even that, their credibility will be put for challenge as being tampered, altered or changed.  

With our advancing tools and techniques, we are able to collecting and gathering evidence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, website crawling and as well as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & AOL, etc.  Most importantly, we can maintain its authentication and produce them as admissible evidence in courts.

 Computer Forensic Examination

 Mobile Device Forensic

 eDiscovery & LPP Data Screening

Data Recovery / Passcode Cracking





Locard Exchange Principle


"Every Contact Leaves A Trace"

No Matter You uses a standalone computer, a server of simply performing a net-surfing will leaves a trace

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